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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Summer Trip 2021, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, CA

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park 

Elk Prairie Campground

Fifty miles north of Eureka, Oregon Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park protects sandy beaches and open meadows grazed by magnificent herds of Roosevelt elk. Ferns cascade down canyon walls. Lush stands of the world's tallest living tree species, the coast redwood, stand in primeval majesty.

The California redwoods are a sight to see rising to heights of over 300 feet they are the oldest and tallest of trees on the planet. Our experience here has been awe inspiring with multiple hikes through the old growth groves in Prairie Creek and the adjacent Redwoods National Parks.

Our campsite at Prairie Creek was out in the open providing us with warm sunlight during the day as the average high here is 66 degrees in July with a low of about 50 degrees. Being from hot and humid Florida it was a pleasant change from the heat which has been very unseasonable especially in the central valley of California where the highs have been the triple digits for a week or more. The facilities at Prairie Creed are nice. We had water at our site and the restroom had showers which we liked a lot as we have been used to jumping into the lakes at some of our stops on our way here. 

We saw Roosevelt Elk wandering the open meadows as we toured the area stopping at Lady Bird Johnson’s Grove for a ranger led hike. We liked this trail the best of them all as the grade was easy and the redwoods were big surrounded by ferns everywhere. The morning we took our stroll the sea fog was just lifting providing a other worldly landscape as the sun rays streaked through the fog illuminating the tall redwoods in a mystic shroud. 

There was a road closure due to a landside on 101 the morning we left causing a hour an half delay on our trip up into Oregon to Carter Lake National Forest Service campground near Florence, Oregon. This can happen from time to time however we did have adequate warning to adjust our schedule making the best of a situation that can test your patience. 

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