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My camping equipment
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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Summer Trip 2021, Grizzly Creed Redwoods State Park, Maple Grove, CA

Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park 

Located in the heart of the redwoods this is a place that inspires ones sense of wonder at the unlimited possibilities of nature with trees that are centuries old and reach to heights that are far above other trees in the forest.

We were surprised that the park had pay showers which was welcomed as we had been bathing in rivers and lakes at Lassen and Fallen Leaf campgrounds. When you experience places that are remote and beautiful one often has to make due as best they can. The restrooms were clean with flush toilets. We had no electric however the nights are cool here for sleeping at night and days are mild as we are so close to the Pacific Ocean. Barbara and I have been enjoying campfires at night which is a delight as most places out west have a fire ban as there is an active drought in most places in California.

The redwood forests on the Pacific coast are a sight to see rising up into to sky for 300 feet or more. These giants have been around as a species for over 240 million years longer then other species such as flowers and spiders. The oldest trees are 2,000 years old which is impressive to say the least. It is truly an experience to marvel at these monarchs of the forest.

We visited Ferndale not far from Grizzly Creek to do our laundry and walk around the lovely town near the coast of northern California. The Victorian homes here are the hall mark of this beautiful place. We had a great time looking at the architecture and enjoying the shops in town.

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