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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Fall Trip 2020, Vogel State Park, Blairsville, GA

 Vogel State Park

Lake Trahlyta

Located in the north Georgia in the southern portion of the appalachian mountains Vogel State Park is in the shadow of Blood mountain, the second highest mountain in Georgia. The area is forested with many places to explore nearby. The camp grounds are nestled in an old growth forest with clean restrooms and lots of campsites. Lake Trahlyta is adjacent to the visitors center with cabins near the lake for those who are not campers. The lake is popular for anglers who fish the lake shores for large mouth bass and trout. 

My brother Danny at our campsite in Vogel State Park

Lake Trahlyta has a one mile hiking trail that encircles the lake.

Not far from Vogel State Park is Neel's Gap. The Appalachian Trail begins here with facilities for hikers to begin or end there journey through the mountains. Great views of the surrounding mountains and valleys are big attraction here. There is a gift store and picnic tables that are great for visitors who choose to stop for lunch and enjoy the fresh mountain air. 

 Neel Gap on the Appalachian Trail

View of the late autumn foliage from Neel's Gap

My Brother Danny and I at Neel Gap

Hikers shoes hanging from a tree at the southern end of the
Appalachian Trail, What a story they could tell.

Gift store and cafe at Neel Gap

Just north of Vogel State Park is the the Byron Herbert Reece Farm and Heritage Center dedicated to the renowned Appalachian poet and novelist. The grounds are a great tribute to this very talented poet who gained inspiration from the nature that surrounded his family farm nestled in the mountains of northern Georgia. My brother and I enjoyed walking the grounds filled with historic buildings and common grounds that reflect the beauty that surrounds this special place. It is definitely a place to check out it you are traveling through this scenic section of northern Georgia.

The farm buildings that have been restored to there original state

The mountain stream that flows through the grounds

A goat and a donkey kept a watch fall eye out for food and a pet on the forehead

The old barn silhouetted against the back drop of the changing autumn leaves

An inspirational poem by Bryon Herbert Reece

 The Appalachian mountains surround this area with a rugged beauty

Land of the dancing rabbits

If you are in this area you will find that it is worth you while to take time to explore Vogel State Park and surrounding area. You will find a good deal of nature and beauty here that is well worth you time to seek to enjoy.