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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Summer Trip 2019, Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim

North Rim Campground, Grand Canyon

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is a special place which is less crowded and a bit more remote then the south rim. We stayed at the Parks campground near the North Rim Lodge. The air is a bit thin on the north rim with an average height of 8,000 feet making for comfortable temps during the day and cool nights for sleeping. The campground is booked during the summer with every spot filled which requires an advance reservation to get a spot. There are showers, laundry, fresh spring water to fill your containers, a camp store but no electric. The nights are beautiful with bright stars lighting the sky and gentle breezes through the tall pines.

Our campsite at the Grand Canyon North Rim campground
Ranger talk given at the amphitheater about Condors
The North Rim Lodge is a special place to visit with hiking trails that take you out to view points that open up to spectacular views of the canyon. Bright Angel Point is a short hike away. The sheer enormity of the canyon opens up with colorful rock formations and vistas that defy the imagination.

Bright Angel Point

View of the Grand Canyon from Bright Angel Point

Pictures can never take the place of being there, It is truly a special moment.
Sunset from the North Rim Lodge at the Grand Canyon

The North Rim Lodge at the Grand Canyon
The second day of our stay on the North Rim we took the scenic drive out to Cape Royal stopping at various view points along the way. We were blessed with great weather and views of the canyon that were rich in grandeur and majestic beauty.

Point Imperial, at 8,800 feet the highest view point in the Grand Canyon
Roosevelt Point named after Teddy Roosevelt who helped make our park system special
The beautiful canyon at the end of the Cliff Springs Trail near Cape Royal
The view of the Grand Canyon from Angel's Window

Angels Window near Cape Royal
The expansive view of the Grand Canyon from Cape Royal Point
The mighty Colorado River as seen from Cape Royal
I hope my images and narrative inspire you one day to visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It is a special place like no where else on earth.

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