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My camping equipment
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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Summer trip 2019, Zion National Park

Watchman Campground, Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a majestic beautiful park located in one of the most scenic canyons anywhere. We camped out at Watchman campground along the Virgin river. Watchman has electric which came in very handy as day time temperatures can easily approach 100 degrees in the summer. There are pay showers nearby which can come in handy after several days of hiking. The view from the campground is amazing with the majestic Watchman sentinel on the east side and the West Temple on the other side.

Our campsite at Watchman campground

Mule Deer visiting our campsite 

Our friend Ron from Page, AZ and Barbara on the Watchman mountain trail

The Virgin River which flowed by Watchman campground
The West Temple as seen from our campsite
Zion Canyon is a majestic place. To save the park from the foot print of the millions of visitors who visit the park in the summer a bus system takes visitors into the canyon to the unique features that make this park so special.

The Great White Throne

Angels Landing

Hikers at the top of Angels Landing

The three patriarchs  

The Temple of Sinawava 

The Narrows of Zion Canyon

The Weeping Wall

View looking out into the canyon from the Weeping Wall

The Zion Canyon Lodge
The Canyon Overlook trail begins before the mile long tunnel at the east entrance to the canyon on the scenic Mt. Carmel Highway. It is about a half mile trail that winds along cliffs to a fabulous overlook of the canyon below. The hike is an adventure with views of a slot canyon that parallels the trail up to the overlook. It is one of our favorite hikes in the park.

The East Portal Tunnel entrance to Zion Canyon

Barbara on the Canyon Overlook Trail

The trail traverses some unique areas with incredible views

A hollow with lots of shade looking out at the trail as it winds it way up to the overlook

Red sandstone rock formations are common in Zion

The trail is well constructed along the cliffs

Zion canyon opens up to a spectacular view at the end of the trail

We made it. It was well worth the effort.
The last day of our stay at Zion we decided to travel up to Lava point on the Kalab Terrace Road just west of the entrance to the park. This scenic paved road takes you to an area of the park that is rarely seen by those who visit Zion. It winds in and out of the park with amazing vistas all along the way. From up on Lava Point you can see the canyon below from 8,000 feet up. The view from up high on the Colorado plateau is breath taking as visitors get a whole new perspective of the canyon below. 

The vistas as the road climbs up to higher elevations are amazing

Unusual natural rock formation 

The Red sandstone rock formations are fascinating

High alpine lake near Lave Point

Lava Point, The entire Zion Canyon formation is visible from high above. 

Mount Carmel Highway approaches the canyon from east side   just before the mile long tunnel into the canyon. This stretch of road is filled with a variety of amazing rock formations. All along the way and around every turn is a new vista that takes your breath away. 

Checkerboard Mesa

The many rock formations and arches make for breath taking views

The formations are colorful and majestic

The Mesas silhouette the skyline

There are multiple slot canyons in Zion 
I hope that my narrative and images inspire you to visit this amazing park. Those who visit Zion leave with a sense of wonder that nature could have created such a special place. We have been to Zion multiple times over the years and each time we are in awe of the majestic rock formations that simply take your breath away.

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