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My camping equipment
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Monday, May 13, 2019

Summer Trip 2019, Gulf Islands National Seashore

Fort Pickens Campground

Gulf Islands National Seashore and Fort Pickens is located on a barrier island just south of Pensacola, FL. The white sand beaches are pristine and beautiful making this area in the panhandle of Florida a favorite place to visit. The campgrounds are very nice with easy access to the pristine white sand beaches common in this part of FL panhandle. 

Our campsite at Fort Pickens, Gulf Shores National Sea Shore
Sunset over the beach near Fort Pickens campground

Sunset, 5/13/2019

We rode our bikes to Fort Pickens to tour the old historic fort and watch the Blue Angels perform their practice runs from the Navel air bass across the bay in Pensacola, FL. We just happened to catch there performance as they only fly on a set schedule that can be influenced by weather conditions. We just happened to be at the right place at the right time. We felt blessed to have witnessed one of the finest precision air teams on the planet. 

Fort Pickens

Cannon on top of Fort Pickens where we watched the Blue Angles preform

Barbara near the large Cannon on top of Fort Pickens

The Blue Angels

Blue Angels practicing over the Naval Air Base at Pensacola, Fl as seen from Fort Pickens

The Blue Angles preforming over the Navel Air Base in Pensacola, FL

Blue Angels going straight up into the sky. Powerful and amazing

The Blue Angels in formation

The National Naval Aviation Museum at the Navy Air Base and the The Pensacola Lighthouse and Maritime Museumlocated across the bay from Fort Pickens, are great places to visit when you are in this area. The naval aviation history is well displayed with many vintage and modern aircraft displays. The lighthouse museum is also interesting with 177 steps to the top for a great view of the National Naval Aviation Museum, the Naval Air Base and Pensacola Bay.  Make sure you plan your visit to Fort Pickens in advance as the campgrounds here fill up quickly as this area is quite popular for those who love to camp like us. 

Pensacola Lighthouse Museum, near the Naval Aviation Museum

Barbara getting ready to climb to the top of Pensacola Lighthouse

177 Steps to the top

View of the Navel Air Base from the top of the lighthouse, home of the Blue Angels

View of the National Navy Aviation Museum for the top of the lighthouse

Barbara climbing aboard the presidential helicopter used by Nixon at the National Navy Aviation Museum
Radar Equipped aircraft on exhibit at the National Navy Aviation Museum
The Concord flying amphibious aircraft that landed in Japan
 at the end of World War II to end the conflict with Japan,
 General Sherman and General Nimitz were onboard.
A vintage restored flying boat built in 1917, saw service during World War I
The Blue Angels exhibit at the National Navy Aviation Museum
A classic Lockheed L-10 Electra similar to the one Emelia Earhart
 attempted to fly around the world years ago.
 She disappeared and her & the Electra were never found

I always like to include images of wildlife in my posts during our travels. I was fortunate to spot some of my favorite birds and a small mammal on our ventures through the trails here at the Gulf Shores National Sea Shore. Enjoy!


Great Blue Heron

Red Winged Black Bird

A small field mouse enjoying a meal next to the Fort Pickens nature trail


  1. Awesome, Doug. The photos are amazing.

    1. Thank you are very kind. I love what I do & sharing is my passion.