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Friday, June 23, 2017

Vacation 2017, Georgetown Loop Scenic Railway, Georgetown, CO

Georgetown Loop Scenic Railway

Located just off Interstate 70 near Georgetown, CO this scenic railroad takes you back to the old mining days when prospectors mined for gold and silver. 

This scenic adventure takes you through some spectacular scenery which makes this area so special. The winding loops and the uphill climbs made by the classic steam engine which was used during the old mining days to haul ore provided for a unique experience. All the passengers had smiles on there faces as they enjoyed the view high up in the Rocky Mountains.

Georgetown, CO is known for it's rich history during the gold rush days during the 18th century. Much of it's charm comes from this history as many of the buildings and shops beckon back to these early days


  1. I just love being on vacation with you guys---your blog Doug is exceptional. The pix are beautiful and the info is priceless! Thanks so much for doing this.
    Safe Travels,
    Susan H.

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