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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Vacation 2017, Ridgeway State Park near Quray, CO

Ridgeway State Park

Located in southwest Colorado with a view of the majectic San Juan Mountains this little oasis is located on a reservoir which draws visitors who cool off in it's refreshing waters.  

After a nice campfire the next morning we drove into Telluride, CO., about an hours drive through some of the best scenery out here. The day we arrived was the first day of Telluride's yearly Blue Grass festival. We had a real special time in this beautiful mountain town enjoying the blue grass musicians performing in the town square 

We enjoy this part of Colorado as it is so beautiful with the rugged San Juan mountains framing the landscape like a portrait.  Ridgeway, CO, an historic western mountain town, is well known as the home to many of some of the best western movies which were filmed in the surrounding area starring John Wayne and other actors of that period of time so many years ago. The True Grit cafe in the center of town has memorabilia lining the walls making for an interesting place to stop to have lunch of dinner. This town in southwest Colorado embraces it's heritage. 

 On the way back to Ridgeway State Park we stopped by Dennis Weaver Memorial Park. Dennis Weaver was the deputy who played Chester in the TV series Gunsmoke. He made Ridgeway his home. He passed away in 2007 at his home nearby. This park was designed by his family and is has as it's center peace a beautiful statue of an eagle. Dennis believed that he found direction in live through nature and the eagle represented a vision of unlimited potential through the birds ability to soar through the air almost effortlessly.

Our next stop on this trip will be to The Black Canyon National Park. I will be postings next as soon as I get back to a area where I can gather in a signal. Be sure to come back soon. 

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