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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Summer trip 2019, Aztec Ruins National Monument, Aztec, New Mexico

We discovered this interesting and historic national monument on way from Navajo Lake State Park to Mesa Verde National Park. The Ruins at Aztec are very special with a half mile of trails that take you by the walls and interior 400 rooms of the well preserved historical site. The Pueblo indians used this area to raise crops and create a vibrant community next to the Animas River many centuries ago. The highlight of the hike is the great Kiva which has been restored to as close to it's original state as possible.

The Great Kiva at Aztec National Monument

The spectacular interior of the Great Kiva, a very spiritual place

The remaining images are of the ruins as seen from the half mile trail

The Aztec Ruins were a great warm up for our visit to Mesa Verde National Park. This whole area out here in western New Mexico has several historical sites that fill ones soul full of wonder of what life might have been like for the ancient Pueblo Indians whose ancestors still live in the area.

Wild flowers were in bloom during our visit in early June

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