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My camping equipment
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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Spring Trip 2023, Lake Louisa State Park

Lake Louisa State Park 

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Lake Louisa

Located just south of Clermont, Florida just off of Highway 27. Lake Louisa is home to two other lakes, Lake Hammond and Lake Dixie. The campground is between Hammond and Dixie with access to Lake Hammond on the grounds for paddlers. There is a concession at entrance to the campground with rentals available providing access to kayaks, canoes and bikes for visitors. The park has 7 miles of paved roads and over 20 miles of unpaved multi-use trails. The campground has two bathhouses, tow fishing piers and a small pavilion. 

Kayak rentals

My campsite at Lake Louisa

Fishing Pier

In addition to the campground there is also a equestrian primitive camp with five horse paddocks, fire rings, a pavilion, grills and a self-composting toilet. The park has a stable in this area with access to guided trail rides. There is access to glamping camping with luxury tent sites in the campground and eco tent sites near the Equestrian area. 

The Cabin Rentals at Lake Louisa are available for visitors to enjoy the park for a number of days and nights. At $120 a night, this option is a reasonable alternative for those who are not into camping.  

Cabins located on the shoreline of Lake Dixie

During my visit to Lake Louisa I was able to get out for a paddle on Lake Hammond. Just the evening before there was a series of showers that came in at night. This created a lovely Lilly pad blossoming event on the Lake the next morning which a real treat to witness. I felt blessed with my timing while enjoying a early morning paddle around the lake.

I plan on going back to Lake Louisa in the future as it is close to my home and has a variety of outdoor activities that I enjoy. I am certain you will feel the same after a visit to this beautiful state Park. During the season, (late fall, winter, & early spring) the state park system is often booked up so if you want to reserve a site you must reserve it eleven months in advance for 2024. Next year Florida residents will be able to book 12 months out for 2025. That gives FL residents an opening to get a site as the one month opening is only for Florida residents. That is good news for a long term Florida resident like me. 

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