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My camping equipment
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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Summer Trip 2021, Fallen Leaf Campground, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Fallen Leaf Campground 

Fallen Leaf Lake 

 We had a large site and enjoyed the tall Douglas fir old growth forest that surrounded us. Fallen Leaf Lake nearby provided a great place to enjoy the refreshing waters that were a bit warmer then Lake Tahoe. The view from the shoreline was spectacular with Tallac Peak clearly visible on the horizon.

We drove up to Emerald Bay on highway 89 stopping at Inspiration point. The view from Inspiration Point is inspirational to say the least. The waters below were crystal blue. Pictures do not seem to capture the magnificence of this scenic area. We just sat there gazing into the landscape taking in all the splendid beauty of the moment.

We visited the Tallac historical site which housed the “Lucky” Baldwin and Poe estates. The homes here have been restored to their original condition back in the early ninetieth century. The site is on the south shore of Lake Tahoe with all the natural beauty that makes this area special.

The Poe Estate

The "Lucky" Baldwin Estate

Guest Cabin at the Baldwin Estate

South shoreline of Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe crystal blue waters surrounded by majestic mountains of the Sierra Nevada mountain range is a very unique jewel of a place. Vista Point on the east shore provides some of the best views of the Lake Tahoe. It is no small body of water. The depth is 1600 feet and the circumference is 20 miles. The lake holds so much water that it can cover the enter state of California with 14 inches of water.

Vista Point

Hole in the Wall tunnel 

Lake Tahoe

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Summer Trip 2021, Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

 Arches National Park

Devils Garden Campground

                                                                Devils Garden Campground  

Arches is a natural wonder with 2,000 natural stone arches and hundreds of soaring pinnacles, massive rock fins, and giant balanced rocks.

Balanced Rock

Our campsite at Devils Garden

Double Arch

Delicate Arch

North and South Arch

Balanced Rock in the Wall Street formation

The Wall Street formation

Skyline Arch

Turret Arch

Arches is a very special park which is a must to see. When we were there it was very crowded which was a bit challenging. We did our hikes early in the morning which gave us an opportunity to enjoy the cooler weather without many visitors around. We made our reservations well in advance.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Summer Trip 2021, Colorado National Monument, Fruita, Co

 Colorado National Monument

Saddlehorn Campground

Colorado National Monument preserves one of the grand landscapes of the American West.

The Monument is a great place to marvel at natures wonders. Their are many forms of wildlife here in this harsh environment. Big horn mountain goats can be seen wondering the cliffs in the park. Rock climbers scale the Independence monument rock formation, which is one of the massive rock formations in the park. 

Saddlehorn campground is near the visitors center. We had a campsite that had a great view of Grand Junction, Colorado and several hiking trails that great us great views of the majestic features of the canyon and the monuments. There is no electric at Saddlehorn however the restrooms are clean and there is fresh water available. Our solar panel provided for our equipment needs and our easy up shade canopy provided much needed coolness from the summer sun.

The Visitors Center

During our driving tour of the park we enjoyed the various viewing points in the park. Each one had a unique feature that each was landscape was named for. 

The Coke Ovens

Artist Point

Upper Ute Point. The rock formation the Egyptian Mummy is to the right of the columns.

Colorado National Monument is a wonderful place to visit with lots of natures best to see during your visit. It is a definite must if you are in this area of Colorado.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Summer Trip 2021, Paonia State Park, Paonia, CO

 Paonia State Park

Located just north of Paonia, CO this park is nestled in the rugged Colorado mountains on a reservoir that provides campers with great views and opportunities to enjoy water related sports.

The campground at Paonia State Park is nicely forested with a river that flows into the reservoir south of our campsite. The park is primitive with just pit toilets and without water or electric. Since we had our solar panel we had no problem and enjoyed our two night stay. 

During our stay at Paonia State Park we drove to Marble, CO which is 23 miles from the park with great scenery along the way. Marble is known for the quarry white marble that arties use to create sculptures that are great works of art with great detail

We had lunch at Slow Groovin BBQ, well known for it's great ribs and brisket. The mining town has unique buildings all surrounded by great mountain scenery.

We enjoyed the cool weather at night with lots of shade during the day at Paonia State Park. The Colorado Rocky mountains are such a great place to visit in the summer with views and memories that last forever.