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My camping equipment
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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Florida State Parks, Rainbow Springs State Park

Rainbow Springs is located just outside Dunnellon, FL. The campground is about a mile down stream on the Rainbow River from the spring head. The campsites have full hookups. There is canoe/ kayak launch in the park with a cart to transport your kayak to the river. A word to the wise call ahead if you have a reservation as the gate is closed and you will need a code to get in anytime of the day or night. 

Our Campsite at Rainbow Springs

Our friend Judy Leslie & Barbara at our campfire

View of the Rainbow River from the kayak launching area at Rainbow Springs State Park
The main attraction at Rainbow Springs State Park is the beautiful Rainbow River that flows from the spring head a mile north of the kayak launch in the park. The waters are crystal clear for the entire length of the river with numerous springs all along the flow that keep the river clear. 

Rainbow Springs head waters swimming area

Clear waters of the Rainbow Springs taken at the main spring from one of the many hiking paths

View of the Rainbow River from the visitors center at Rainbow Springs State Park
Barbara and I joined up with the Solivita Kayak Club for a paddle up to the spring head and down the Rainbow River to just past the bridge on Hwy 484 where the launch is located at Blue Run Park in Dunnellon Park. Near by is the popular restaurant Swampy's Bar and Grill located on the banks of the Rainbow River just north of the bridge. During our five hour paddle we up to the Rainbow Springs head spring and docked at the launch docking facility to enjoy lunch in the gardens that surround the visitor center. Our afternoon paddle down the rainbow river from the headwaters was enjoyable . The wildlife, beautiful homes and clear waters of the Rainbow River provided a picture perfect journey.

Solivita Kayak Club at the launch facilities located at the head waters of Rainbow Spring State Park

Paddling the clear waters of the Rainbow River 

Views from the vantage point of paddler

Wildlife is abundant and special during the entire course of the Rainbow River Run

There are many facilities to rent and launch canoes and kayaks along the river. Rainbow River State Park has Tubing available from the parks vendor on the weekends during the off season and all week long during the summer season. Kayak rentals are available to campers for a very reasonable price. There many Vendors located in the area as well with various locations to launch from including KP Hole County Park which is almost directly across from the launch at Rainbow Rive State Park.

Tube vendor employee at the tubing pull out facility at Rainbow Springs State Park

KP Hole County Park boat launch area on the Rainbow River

Tube take out dock at Rainbow Springs State Park
We had a wonderful time exploring the waters of the Rainbow River and the trails in the park. Rainbow River State Park will always be on our list to visit for it's many opportunities to explore nature along one our state's most popular springs runs. 

Board walk leading to the tube take out at Rainbow Springs State Park 
Hiking Trail leading out to the Rainbow River

Cardinal at Visitors Center located at the head springs of the Rainbow River
Hiking Trail near the campground