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Monday, July 16, 2018

Caprock Canyon State Park, Quitaque, Texas

Buffalo Crossing at Caprock
We learned of Caprock Canyon State Park in west central Texas from a fellow camper during our travels in Colorado this year. We decided to arrange our trip back home to visit Caprock. We were not disappointed. This beautiful Texas State Park has beautiful sand stone canyons and a free ranging Buffalo herd. 

Free range Buffalo Herd staying cool in the parks lake on a hot summer day in Texas

Big male Buffalo grazing
Sand Stone formations in the canyons of Caprock State Park

Beautiful Vista's at every turn.

The campsites were nicely spaced with water and electric. Texas does a great job maintaining there parks as they tend to be quit popular with campers from Texas or elsewhere. Summer can be very warm however the humidity in west Texas is tolerable making it seem cooler then what the actual air temperature. The Buffalo love the shade of the trees in the campground and often come to rest there during the day to escape the heat of the summer sun. Although we did not have any resting on our site one always has to be careful not to get to close to these large animals as they are unpredictable. We had a large bull come through are campsite and remand still creating no threat to him. We were enjoying a glass of wine and a snack just before dinner in the late afternoon. They usually ignore you if you do the same. It was a bit scary but adventurous at the same time.  

Family of Buffalo resting under a shade tree at an adjacent campsite

Male adult of the size that ventured into our campsite. Gets your attention for sure.
Our campsite at Caprock State Park
We saw lots of wildlife other then Buffalo while visiting Caprock. All in all, even though we were there for a short time, we had a memorable experience. This park is a great park to visit on your way out west. It is a bit more comfortable to visit when you choose a time in the fall and spring when the weather is cooler for hiking and outdoor activities.

Prairie Dog habitats near the parks campground

Female Cardinal near our campsite looking for food.

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