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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Summer Trip 2018, Chief Hosa Campground & surrounding area, Golden, CO

At an altitude of 7,700 feet, Chief Hosa campground opened in 1918 as "America's first motor-camping area." The campground spans 58 acres within the 2,400 acres of the City of Denver's Genesee Mountain Park, which is home to a city-owned bison herd and provides a unique opportunity to view these animals in a natural habitat. The campground at Chief Hosa is just off of I-70 west of Golden, CO, adjacent to the historic Chief Hosa Lodge. We have stayed at Chief Hosa several times and love the fact that we are so close to so many interesting places nearby to visit. On our first day we explored Lookout Mountain and the Buffalo Bill Museum. Lookout Mountain overlooks Golden, CO and the Coors brewery.

Painting of Buffalo Bill 

Buffalo Bills Grave on Lookout Mountain

Barbara having fun at the museum

The Coors Brewery in Golden, CO as seen from the summit of Lookout Mountian

View of the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies from Lookout Mountain

Not far from Chief Hosa ia the Clear Creek Canyon that follows Hwy 6 down into Golden, CO. There is a beautiful bike path that has been built along Clear Creek that we ventured out to bike on. Our friend Anthony who we met the day before at Chief Hosa loaded our bikes in his pick up and all three of us rode the trail. The scenery in Clear Creek Canyon is some of the best we have seen on our trip.

Bike Path in Clear Creek Canyon

Clear Creek white water carved this beautiful canyon

Our new friend Anthony on the banks of Clear Creek

The bike path crosses Clear Creek several times
One of the new places that we visited at Chief Hosa was the wilderness area located at the East Portal of the Moffat Train Tunnel. Moffat Tunnel was built to make it easier to haul freight and passengers under the Rocky Mountain front range. It was completed in 1927 and is located about 6 miles west of the Peak to Peak Highway 119 at Rollinsville, CO. The mountains in this area tower above the white water of Boulder Creek. We were lucky enough to see several trains pass by into the tunnel while we there. The scenery on the ride out was spectacular and the summer weather was cool and refreshing.

Boulder Creek near the east portal of Moffat Tunnel

The East Portal of the 6.5 mile Moffat Railroad Tunnel
Union Pacific helper locomotive approaching the east portal
Cabins that housed the crews that built the tunnel, which was completed in 1927

The Cabins have not been restored and are a reminder of how busy this place long ago
These flower were in full bloom in the mountain valley near the east portal
Hikers leaving for a back packing trip on the east portal trail.
Mountain Wild Flowers were everywhere in this beautiful valley

Just a word to the wise. Chief Hosa is a wonderful campground near many of the interesting places on the eastern side of the front range of the Rockies. It is wise to make reservations at least 6 months in advance at Chief Hosa and for that matter most of the Colorado State Parks. The public parks fill up quick as many campers love this area and flock to it in the summer months.

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