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My camping equipment
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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Vacation 2016, The Mine Shaft Inn, Rico, CO

Rico, CO is a lovely old mining town located high in the foot hills of the San Juan mountains of southwest Colorado. We stayed at The Mine Shaft Inn an historic hotel and hostel that has been restored back to it's original state from the early mining days when this community thrived. Today it is a travel destination for those who love the remoteness and out door activities that surround the area. The rooms there are reasonable and the atmosphere is very inviting providing for a comfortable and relaxing stay. Barbara and I like to take a break from camping out at least once or twice during our trips to enjoy the comforts that are not available to us when we are on the road. We explored Rico touring the small museum, waundering down to the hot springs near town and viewing the old water tower that was restored from the days it was used for the Rio Grande Southern railroad. The railroad is no longer operational having been used during the boom times long ago to haul ore out from the silver mines.

The Mine Shaft Inn, Rico, CO

Restored Railroad Water Tower

Rico Hot Sprins

Pancho (Proprietor), Huckleberry, Barbara and Doug 

Main Street, Rico, CO

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