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My camping equipment
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Friday, July 15, 2016

Vacation 2016, Hilltop RV Resort, Fort Stockton, TX

Hilltop RV Resort, Fort Stockton, TX

Normally I always save the best places for my posts and this one I added as it so conveniently located on I-10 on our way out west. Out here in west Texas the landscape is becoming arid and desert like with low humidity which adds a special kind of uniqueness which we are not use to coming from FL. Our cloths dry faster and my allergies start to tame down due to the low humidity. The campground is very clean with a well maintained pool and great facilities with full hook ups. It is a great place to stay over for one night on your way out west to New Mexico and points west to many of our most beautiful national parks. Great Bend National Park is about an hour south of Fort Stockton for example. Barbara and I make this campground one of our favorite stops when we are traveling across country usually staying one night at each camp ground until we get to the high cool country we love. We both find it interesting how the landscape changes as travel further west with rolling hills and desert landscapes that provide a special kind of beauty unique to this area. 


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