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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Summer Trip 2021, Fort Pickens National Seashore, Pensacola, FL

 Fort Pickens Campground


Gulf Islands National Seashore, Fort Pickens Area

Located on a barrier island off the coast of the Florida panhandle Gulf Islands National Seashore is a lovely place to enjoy the gentle gulf breezes and unspoiled white sand beaches that this area is known for.

Historic Fort Pickens is located at the western end of the barrier island about a mile from the campground. There is a nice hiking/biking trail that is very nice to experience as their is plenty of nature to observe along the way.

Ospreys are common on the barrier island

The fort has a gift shop and there are ranger led tours through the grounds. The grounds are very interesting full of history and artifacts from an era long ago when this fort was used to fight battles. The view of the Navel Air base in Pensacola is spectacular from the top of the old forts walls. Twice a week the Blue Angels practice making for a spectacular show that can be seen from on top of the high walls of Fort Pickens.

15 inch cannon perched high on the walls of Fort Pickens

Artillery Battery, One of the many near Fort Pickens

Big Gun in Artillery Battery placed in the sand dunes

Arches on the lower levels of the fort provide strength for the overall structure

Civil war gunnery equipment on display at the fort

Park staff housing with a view of the twin towers of the Navel air base in Pensacola

Pensacola Lighthouse viewed from across the bay at Fort Pickens

The campgrounds at Fort Pickens provide visitors with an opportunity to enjoy the park with the many hiking and biking trails that led to the beach and to the historic scenery of the old fort with all its amazing history. The Gulf breezes provide for a comfortable experience with highs in the low eighties when we were there in late May of 2021

                                               Our campsite at Fort Pickens                                   

Board walk over the dunes to the beach

We experienced The Full flower moon as it rose over the horizon on May 26, 2021

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  1. Glad to see you and Barb had a great time at Fort Pickens. We did too when we visited in February of 2019.