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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Spring Trip 2021 Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park, High Springs, FL

Located west of High Springs, FL near the banks of the beautiful Santa Fe river
is Florida's newest state park Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park The park was 
purchased from the original owners to preserve this natural wonder that has attracted
campers and fresh water spring lovers for years.

Blue Springs Head Waters

Blue Springs stays at a constant 72 degrees year round. The waters of the spring flow
out the spring run a quarter mile to the Santa Fe river. The water is crystal clear and full of colorful plant and aquatic wildlife. 

The Blue Spring run 

Turtles enjoying the warm April sun 

Kayak and Canoe rentals are available at the park. Paddlers can enjoy the waters of 
the Santa Fe river and the many springs that line it's shores. Ginnie Springs is located down river about a mile. Ginnie Springs is a privately owned campground with multiple small springs located on the property. It is known for its underwater spring cave diving and family atmosphere. A great place to escape the hot and humid summers in Florida.

Ginnie Springs 

During our visit we enjoyed our location close
 to the spring head making for easy access with our equipment. The park is upgrading it's campsites and facilities with future plans to improve the unpaved road that leads into the park.

Our campsite

kayak and canoe rentals

Picnic shelter

Guard shack on the left and camp store on the right 

We enjoyed paddling the waters of the Sante Fe stopping for a picnic at Rum Island, a short paddle up river from the spring run. Rum Island Spring and Park has a nice spring that is adjacent to the Santa Fe river. It is roped off to keep paddlers out of the headwaters. The cool clear waters of the spring are delightfully refreshing for visitors who visit this park either by it's docking area or by car.

Paddlers on the Santa Fe River

Rum Island head spring as seen from the Santa Fe River

Cypress Trees line the banks of the Santa Fe River

Gilchrist has a lovely loop trail that will take you to a number of small springs that are surrounded by old cypress groves and lush plant life. The area around this beautiful park is full of beauty that is hard to beat when you are looking for a cool shady place to relax.

Tent camping area

Fresh water spring adjacent to the hiking trail

Cypress groves are common in the park

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