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My camping equipment
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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Summer Trip 2021, Nez Perce-Clearwater National Recreation Area, Lulu, Idaho

Nez Perce-Clearwater National Recreation Area

Powell Campground

Lochsa Lodge

Located in north central Idaho Powell Campground is located in scenic Lachsa River Valley. The Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness lies on the opposite side of the river. The Lochsa Lodge is located within walking distance from the campground. This is the second time we visited this wildly beautiful section of Idaho. The Lodge has a convenience store and cabins for those visitors who are not campers.

The Lochsa River Valley as seen from the Lochsa Lodge

We had electric at our campsite which is available in one loop of the campground. It is wise to make your reservations well in advance as Powell is popular in the summer time. In the winter time it is snow mobile heaven where area residents come to play. The campground has flush toilets along with several fresh water sources scattered through out to campground. It is great place to use as a base to see this areas many interesting features.
Suspension walking bridge over the Lochsa River

Nearby about 10 miles west of here there are some lovely hot springs. Jerry Johnson hot springs is perhaps one of nicest in the area. After crossing a walking suspension bridge over the Lochsa river you come to a 1.2 mile trail paralleling the river. It is a beautiful hike passing a hot spring that flows right out of the rock to the river. The path is steep to this hot spring so we decided not to go there however we did see some younger folks who ventured down. Jerry Johnson hot springs are nestled also along the river with pools that visitors built to soak in. The setting is absolutely beautiful with the river and forest providing a perfect setting. The main hot springs is up the hill from the river and overlooks a lovely meadow. We really enjoyed our time soaking here walking back totally relaxed enjoying the wildflowers in bloom. 

The Lochsa River

Warm water Spring emanating from a cliff on the shore line of the Lochsa river

Jerry Johnson head spring

Barbara and our friend Diane enjoying a soak 

Walking Trail suspension bridge over the Lochsa river

Fire Weed Blooming

River side pools of warm water at Jerry Johnson hot springs

Just east of our campground is we visited a Salmon hatchery. Salmon swim up the Lochsa river about 600 miles from the Pacific from the mouth of the Columbia river. The Crooked Fork and Colt Killed Creek meet here to form the wild Lochsa river. 

The confluence of Killed Colt Creek and Crooked Creek to form the Lochsa River 

Salmon spawning shelter 

Large Salmon in the spawning center pools

Idaho is a beautiful state full of unspoiled wilderness. Our stay at Powell was an experience that delighted us as we love nature and all the beauty that surrounds it.

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