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My camping equipment
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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Summer Trip 2021, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington State

Mount Rainier National Park 

Cougar Rock Campground

Mount Rainier dominates the landscape south of Seattle, Washington. Standing at 14,410 feet above sea level the glaciated peaks reach to the sky with meadows and ecosystems that are full of wildlife.

We camped out at Cougar Rock campground about 7 miles from Paradise. The old growth forest and the mountain air blessed us with a good experience during our three night stay. The restrooms were close with flush triolets. We were without electric however our solar panel provided for our power needs.

I took this picture on a clear day at the Paradise visitors center. We very blessed to have great weather during our visit. The following images I took during our visit at Paradise. It is truly paradise.

The Paradise Inn

The Lobby

Myrtle Falls

Mount Rainier

Nisqually River descending from the Nisqually Glacier

We drove into the park at the southeast entrance. The drive through the southern section of the park is full of waterfalls and meadows that are a part of this majestic mountain in the Pacific northwest. The rugged mountain landscapes can take your breath away.

Christine Falls

Ridge line of mountains to the south of Mount Rainier

Narada Falls

Nisqually Glacial River flowing from Mount Rainier

Log bridge across the Nisqually River

Box Canyon

Box Canyon Trail

Over 180 feet deep and fast flowing

We enjoyed the wild flowers along the trails we hiked. Again we were bless to be there at the right time. A unexpected pleasure that can happen from time to time during our travels.

Mount Rainier left us with a memory that we will never forget. The majestic scenery is never ending and the trails led you to vistas that can never be done justice through pictures. It is the experience of being there that fills your thoughts and gives you a sense of oneness with the wild.

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